Suburban Hospital

Grateful Patient Giving 

Dear Friend,

Having been a heart patient since age 36, I knew I was at risk for a future cardiac event. On September 8, 2007, one month shy of my 56th birthday, I ended up in Suburban Hospital’s Emergency Department.

As a native of Massachusetts, I have long been an avid Red Sox fan. After moving to Bethesda, my college friends and I maintained support for the team by arranging an event at Camden Yards each year when the Red Sox came to town. I was in Baltimore with my two teenage children, when I realized that something was not right in my chest.

In fact, a few days prior to the game, I felt symptoms but carelessly ignored them so I could attend the annual event. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived in Baltimore, I quickly realized that I needed to go back to Bethesda and straight to Suburban Hospital. I was immediately admitted to the NIH Heart Center at Suburban Hospital and two days later, Dr. Philip Corcoran performed a bypass surgery that saved my life.

Suburban was there for me and will be there for you and thousands of others, as long as we help ensure its success long into the future. Most people don’t realize that they are a non-profit institution that treats all patients regardless of their ability to pay. Hospital operating costs, like other medical expenses, have increased far in excess of the general cost of living. At the same time, medical reimbursement continues to go down, making donations so much more critical.

I hope you will join me in supporting Suburban Hospital with a gift of $50. Choosing a hospital for cardiac care, or any other major illness or injury, is an important decision. I am certainly thankful that I chose the right place.

I hope you will make your donation today so that Suburban may continue to provide the best possible care to everyone in our community.

Wishing you good health,


Howard Gilson
Suburban Hospital Volunteer, donor and community member